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Archival Polyester Products

Archival Polyester Products

For the transparent protection of manuscripts, comics, prints and drawings, maps and charts, photographic prints, posters, wallpaper and works of art on paper. Chalk, charcoal and art mediums/text with poorly fixed surfaces (this may include some damaged photo-images) should not be protected directly by any polyester films.

Many custodians prefer polyester for film enclosures because it allows visual access without requiring physical handling of the photographic artefact. Polyester is an exceptional material , but only in products which avoid certain issues. Inserting and removing film continues to require a design which permits free passage, to avoid scratching and abrasion. Polyester enclosed films must be stored in an area with climate control to avoid the possibility of ferrotyping. A result of condensation, ferrotyping can occur when fluctuating relative humidity exceeds 65%.

The frosting or matte finish on certain polyesters is an inorganic physical abrasive permanently embedded into the surface which will abrade both film base and emulsion.

We agree with conservators from the world’s major archival repositories that only three polyesters, each meet-ing a rigid set of specifications, should be considered to be true archival plastics. The specifications the leading authorities insist upon include the following: <The polyester must contain no plasticizers, surface coatings*, UV inhibitors of absorbents, must be dimensionally stable and resistant to most chemicals, moisture and abrasion>.

This includes polyethylene coatings on polyester, which are the adaptation of a commercial product for archival use a practice which has proved to have fairly dire consequences in the past. Since polyethylene (which can in fact be high density, or low density, and contain all manner of additives, and any of these factors can change from one run of this material to another, particularly as recycling becomes commonplace) is not considered appropriate for archival / conservation use, one wonders how the use of polyester coated with polyethylene can be justified for this purpose. After all in this product it is the best.

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