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Greygate Plastic PolishCarnauba WaxGreygate Polishing Paste 'No. 5'Renaissance (Micro-Crystalline) Wax PolishWA14 Natural BeeswaxMicrocrystalline Wax

Badger BalmCollectors Museum Hold (Museum Wax) QH-WAMS23 Prelim

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Badger Balm 915-2101 1

Badger Balm

Badger Balm a Very probably the most unusual item we have ever offered but according to a number of American Conservators and technicians it is a phenomenal moisturiser for dry, cracked,chapped...

MS23 Prelim MS23

MS23 Prelim

A very fine, totally stable, water based, non-scratch paste designed to remove layers of oxidation frommost surfaces. It leaves a virgin finish on the cleaned article ready to accept paints, glazes...

Greygate Plastic Polish MT04

Greygate Plastic Polish

Greygate Plastic Polish - 100ml Greygate Plastic Polish is especially suitable for the final polish on epoxy resin fills on china or for polishing moulded or thermoformed plastics (such as spoilers...

Greygate Polishing Paste 'No. 5' MT05

Greygate Polishing Paste 'No. 5'

Greygate Polishing Paste No. 5- 60 gram Tube Greygate Polishing Paste No. 5 is held in high esteem by collectors of Bakelite artefacts, leaving no dusty residue, just a gloss finish after...

Collectors Museum Hold (Museum Wax) QH-WA QH-WA

Collectors Museum Hold (Museum Wax) QH-WA

Aantiquities onto wood. QH-WA 50 gm jar range of special museum waxes, putty and gel designed for anchoring antiquities and collectibles safely and securely whilst on display. See individual entries...

Microcrystalline Wax WA05

Microcrystalline Wax

Microcrystalline Wax - Per Kilogram A semi-synthetic wax isolated as a by product from the refining of petroleum. In contrast to brittle paraffin waxes this product’s structure has a plasticity to...

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Carnauba Wax WA05B

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax - Flaked Form Available in flake or solid form, this carnauba wax is primarily used to promote a gloss finish in conjunction with beeswax or microcrystalline wax. Emulsifiable with...

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Renaissance (Micro-Crystalline) Wax Polish WA06

Renaissance (Micro-Crystalline) Wax Polish

Renaissance (Micro-Crystalline) Wax Polish A blend of highly refined micro-crystalline fossil-origin waxes made to a formula used by the British Museum and restoration specialists internationally....

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WA14 Natural Beeswax WA14

WA14 Natural Beeswax

WA14 Natural Beeswax Used for phase box making to strengthen adhering power of twine on book boxes. 25gm or 250gm available please state when ordering 25gm0.88 250gm6.60 1kg loose pllets( bleached or...

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