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Ceramic Restoration

Ceramic Restoration

Cushion Wrap 1207 - Flame Retardant Cushion WrapGrey Modelling PlasticineMicro GlossMatting Agent Gasil 23Primal (Rhoplex) WS24Rustins Ouick Dryins Ceramic Glaze (New Product)Micro-Mesh Special Restoration Kit

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China Epoxy Putty LC30

China Epoxy Putty

China Epoxy Putty A putty-like, off-white coloured material for allfilling and modelling purposes...

Cushion Wrap 1207 - Flame Retardant Cushion Wrap CW1207A/B

Cushion Wrap 1207 - Flame Retardant Cushion Wrap

Cushion wrapFlame Retardant Cushion Is a new flame retardant wrapping materil devloped originily...

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Flugger Acrylic Putty FLU6-1

Flugger Acrylic Putty

Flugger Acrylic Putty A fine acrylic putty stabilized in water and composed of butyl methacrylate...

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Freezer Bags (for Photoraphic Film & print storage) PBF13 PBF-13

Freezer Bags (for Photoraphic Film & print storage) PBF13

Freezer Bags (for photoraphic film & print storage) A heavy duty 13 x 18" (33 x 45 cm)...

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Grey Modelling Plasticine LC34

Grey Modelling Plasticine

Grey Modelling Plasticine Non-toxic, unshrinkable original grey modelling plasticine for use in...

Matting Agent Gasil 23 LA5

Matting Agent Gasil 23

Matting Agent Gasil 23 A fine, white, free flowing micronized silica gel with an average particle...

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Micro Gloss MM-RK1A

Micro Gloss

Additional Micro Gloss (1oz Container)

Micro-Mesh Abrasive products Abrasives MM-MX

Micro-Mesh Abrasive products Abrasives

Micro-Mesh Abrasive products These uniquely cushioned abrasives are designed to provide almost...

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Micro-Mesh Flexi Files MM-FF2 2/3/4

Micro-Mesh Flexi Files

Micro-Mesh Flexi Files Micro-Mesh Flexi Files For treating smaller objects and use in more...

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Micro-Mesh Sanding Belt Abrasives Replacments MMX-SSB/3/10

Micro-Mesh Sanding Belt Abrasives Replacments

Micro-Mesh Sanding Abrasives Replacments Pack of 3 Available with the following grades only 1500,...

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Micro-Mesh Sanding Tool MMX SST MMX-SST

Micro-Mesh Sanding Tool MMX SST

Astro tool Micro-Mesh Sanding Tool This 1/4 " x 6" hand held, pen shaped plastic tool...

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Micro-Mesh Special Restoration Kit MM-RK1

Micro-Mesh Special Restoration Kit

Micro-Mesh Special Restoration Kit Neatly packed in a 150x195mm plastic case the Micro-Mesh...

Polyester Wadding / Batting Material PW-01

Polyester Wadding / Batting Material

Polyester Wadding / Batting Material This 100% Polyester m wadding / batting material is ideal for...

Primal (Rhoplex) B60A SY27C

Primal (Rhoplex) B60A

Primal (Rhoplex) B60A A water based acrylic emulsion for consolidating plaster work, binding...

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Primal (Rhoplex) WS24 SY27-1

Primal (Rhoplex) WS24

Primal (Rhoplex) WS24 An acrylic colloidal dispersion in water. With a small particle size (approx...

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