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Cleaning, Bleaching & Solvents

Chemical Products Chemical Cleaning & Bleaching Solutions

Absorene Book & Paper CleanerAcetoneACP3 Smoke SpongeAnti Static Solution - 600ml Spray BottleBadger BalmCollectors Hold Museum Putty QH-PUCotton Wool Buds / Swabs

DCP1 Dry Clean ProductsHi-Polymer Eraser - HardHyperaser - Refil PackMT7G 1 Biox Conservation Gel 1ltrOrvus WA Paste

Solvent Dispensers - 4oz - 118ml - Locking TopStatbrush Anti-Static Brush - 70mm BrushToluene Technical GradeSynperonic A7Universal Brush CleanerWishab Dry Cleaning Sponge - Extra Hard

Aquash Japanese Water BrushSmart Paint Repair Accessory KitCT1 Chloramine TRINYDRATE EXTRA PURERenaissance Metal De-Corroder - 150ml

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Cotton Wool Buds / Swabs CWB-1

Cotton Wool Buds / Swabs

Cotton Wool Buds / Swabs 100% cotton wool buds / swabs used to apply solvents to localised treatments. Tip to tip measurement approx. 80mm. Pack of 20

Ultra Soft Brush-Sponge Cleaner SSM-S

Ultra Soft Brush-Sponge Cleaner

Ultra Soft Brush-Sponge Cleaner An ultra soft brush-sponge cleaner ideal for the removal of surface residues on artefacts that are undergoing aqueous cleaning procedures. Super soft brush side...

Hyperaser - Refil Pack ZER4

Hyperaser - Refil Pack

Hyperaser - Refil Pack A refillable click eraser with slide action advance and in a handy pen style metal sleeve.

Hi-Polymer Eraser - Click Pen Style Soft ZE21

Hi-Polymer Eraser - Click Pen Style Soft

Hi- Hi-Polymer Erasers A range of hi-polymer erasers for use on paper and other substrates. click pen style soft eraser.

Lint Free Microfibre Cloths LFYC

Lint Free Microfibre Cloths

LFYC - Lint Free Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Micro-fibre cleaning cloths remove oily films and residues without the need for applying cleaning agents, they are safe to use on a variety of surfaces...

Conservators Sponge CS-973

Conservators Sponge

Conservators Sponge This closed cell structure super absorbent sponge is ideal for soaking up residual solutionsduring conservation, leaf casting etc. 96 x 74 x 30 mm.

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PRB Putty Rubber PRB

PRB Putty Rubber

PRB Putty Rubber Large putty rubber for cleaning graphite and lead marks on paper. Each

DCP1 Dry Clean Products DCP1

DCP1 Dry Clean Products

DCP1 Dry Clean Products Now with a new neutral pH specification, fine granules of powdered rubber in pad or tub form for cleaning art-work, pencil drawings, manuscripts, charts and three dimensional...

ACP2 Smoke Sponge ACP2

ACP2 Smoke Sponge

ACP2 Smoke Sponge approx 60 gm The unique pore size and configuration of these special vulcanised rubber sponges helps to trap and remove soot, dirt and smoke damage from a variety of substrates. A...

Rustins Steel Wool - Coarse RSW-2

Rustins Steel Wool - Coarse

Rustins Steel Wool RSW-2 - Coarse Grade 225gram pack.

Rustins Steel Wool - Extra Coarse RSW-3

Rustins Steel Wool - Extra Coarse

Rustins Steel Wool RSW-3 - Extra Coarse Grade 225gram pack.

Rustins Steel Wool - Extra Fine RSW-00

Rustins Steel Wool - Extra Fine

Rustins Steel Wool RSW-00 - Extra Fine Grade225gram pack.  

Rustins Steel Wool - Fine RSW-0

Rustins Steel Wool - Fine

Rustins Steel Wool RSW-0 - Fine Grade225gram pack.

Rustins Steel Wool - Medium RSW-1

Rustins Steel Wool - Medium

Rustins Steel Wool RSW-1 - Medium Grade 225gram pack.

Rustins Steel Wool - Ultra Fine RSW-0000

Rustins Steel Wool - Ultra Fine

Rustins Steel Wool RSW-0000 - Ultra Fine Grade 225gram pack.

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